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Allow me to
Introduce myself.
I am an User Experience Designer living in Chicago, Illinois.
I want to add beauty to the world, and I make complicated things simple.
My name is Andie Dumas.

Hey There.

Hi! I’m Andie Dumas. I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Information, and I’m currently work at Avanade, Inc. in Chicago, IL.

My focus within my degree was User Experience. While you may be familiar with the term, many aren’t. I find the best way to describe it is like this: Have you ever used an ATM that looks pretty, but is completely frustrating and confusing to use? That’s where someone like me would come in. I work to apply principles of good user-centric design to make sure that tools meet user needs, while still making stakeholders happy.

While I love working with usability research and principles, my true passion lies with the design side of the business. From wireframes and paper prototypes to Hi-Fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes, I love what I do.

With my previous experience in Project Management, you can rest assured that I will always meet my deadlines. I also have experience in research, public facing roles, front-end web development, and even public speaking before crowds that range from 15 people to thousands.

My ideal role is where I can learn something new every day, and constantly be challenged by the projects that I am working on. When I’m not learning something new, you can find me looking for a new adventure (I’ve been skydiving, rock-climbing, and much more!), working on graphic design artwork, or curled up reading a book with my rescue dog, Zelda.

Where UX and PM Meet.

Having worked as a Project Manager in the past, I strongly considered going down that career path. However, my love for UX and Design won out. Fortunately, I am able to apply Project Management principles wherever I go, including User Experience! Every job that I've held contributes to who I am and how I work. To learn more about a few of my previous work experiences, check out my Interactive Resume on the right.

My Work

Case Studies

Federal Trade Comission - Consumer Product Division

Working with a team in the University of Michigan's School of Information, we provided design changes and rationals to increase user trust in the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Product Division website. We also worked to lower mobile bounce rate, and increase navagibility within the site.


Sports Medicine Application

This sports medicine application works to quantify what was previously impossible to measure. However, as amazing as the tool is, when I got it there was a lot of work to do on the User Interface. Working with the client, I developed an entirely new look and feel for the app that the client was thrilled with.


Environmental Health and Safety Compliance

This Environmental Health and Safety Compliance company has been around for 15 years, and unfortunately their mobile app looks like it has been too! Working with multiple teams at this company, I created several versions of this application, all of which serve to address usability and design flaws.



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